Data protection policy of the LOGO Sprachenschule
We process your personal data in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) and the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). Responsible for the data processing is the LOGO Sprachen und mehr GmbH & Co. KG, Wichertstrasse 67, 10439 Berlin, Managing Director Cornelia Daragmeh. The LOGO Sprachenschule collects and processes personal data (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number) for the following purposes:
* Offering language courses in which you have expressed an interest, either personally in the language school, through an e-mail to the LOGO language school, through a telephone call, through the completion of our booking request form on the website or through the completion of our feedback form. Furthermore, we offer follow-up courses for language courses in which you are or were enrolled. You can object to this use of your data at any time by sending a simple e-mail to or calling us on 030-400 452 36. * The organization and implementation of language courses for which you are enrolled. Your contact details will be used to inform you of the course organization, any course cancellations or changes. If you object to the use of your data for this purpose, we cannot inform you about short-term organizational changes of the language courses. * The organization of language examinations as a licensee of telc Gmbh. For this purpose, it is necessary to deposit a copy of the ID card with the LOGO language school and to transfer personal data (name, date of birth, place of birth, mother tongue) to telc GmbH. If you object to the use of your data for this purpose, you cannot take a language test at the LOGO language school. * Creating contracts for enrollment in language courses or language examinations, invoicing and bookkeeping. * If you pay via our payment link, payment details will be sent encrypted to the LOGO language school. They are not stored and used only for performing the specific authorized payment.
We only process and store your personal data for the period required to fulfill the purpose of the storage or as provided for in laws or regulations. After cessation or fulfillment of the purpose or if you object to the use, your personal data will be deleted or blocked. In the case of blocking, the cancellation takes place after expiry of the commercial and tax retention periods.
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How long has LOGO Sprachenschule existed?
LOGO Sprachenschule was founded 23 years ago, in 1994. 5 rooms quickly became too few, so the management secured two additional rooms for the school. In 2017, we opened up more facilities in Wichertstr. 69.
Today, the school runs over 20 courses per day in the school itself, plus an ever increasing number of business courses at corporate offices.
Dr. Diban Daragmeh and Cornelia Daragmeh took over LOGO's managment on 1. January 2016, and have since tried to improve all those things which had not been quite perfect yet :-)
Is your school accredited?
Yes. LOGO Sprachenschule is an accredited TELC Test Centre for European Languages. More information on the widely recogized TELC examination you can find here.
The school follows the internationally recognized European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which was developed by the Council of Europe to standardize and establish quality in language education. More information on the CEFR you can find here.
The school is accredited by the Ministry of Education for the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish.
How quickly will I learn German?
LOGO Sprachenschule offers, as far as we know, the most intensive German courses in Berlin.
With our super-intensive morning courses (4 lessons every single morning) you will - given some effort on your side - be able to achieve A1.1 in just 2 weeks.
If, on the other hand, you join our evening courses, you will be able to achieve A1.1 within 10 weeks by attending two lessons twice a week.
Is there homework to do?
Yes! You get homework to repeat the concepts learned in class. For the intensive courses, you should expect 2-4 hours of homework every day. For the evening classes it will most likely be 2-4 hours per week.
I speak a bit of German already, how do I know what level I am?
Drop by our office and we'll do a free placement test for you. Or do the online placement test on the website.
If you can say your name and where you come from, but not much more, you will be A1.1!
What if I booked the wrong level?
It's best to tell us in advance if you are unsure about your level, so we can test you and make sure you attend the correct course.
However, if you end up in a class which is too easy or too difficult for you, we will switch you to a different level. If your level is not running at the moment, you might in some cases have to wait for a couple of weeks.
What is the highest level of German you offer?
In our morning super-intensive courses, we offer basically all A-levels every 2 weeks, and the B levels every six weeks. The intensive courses are not offered at C-level.
In our evening courses, we offer all levels up to and including C1.1 and C1.2
Are there any extra costs?
Books are not included in the course fees (for German, books cost € 19 per level, you get 2 books for that price; for English it is about 28 EUR). If you pay by credit card, we charge a 1.5% credit card fee.
Apart from that, there are no extra costs. We don't have a registration fee or any other hidden fees for you to attend the course.
Do you offer classes on special request?
Sometimes students would like to do courses at different times or a different schedule from the ones we offer, for example in the afternoon, or twice a week in the morning.
Just get a few friends together and we will arrange something for you!  Another option would be to book one-to-one tuition, because the times are completely flexible.
Can I bring my super-quiet child?
No, sorry ...
However, if you book private lessons, we can send a teacher to your home, and your child can sleep next to you! :-)
What is the minimum age to attend classes?
It depends a bit on the maturity of the young person, but in general about 16 years. Very motivated younger students who don't mind following a text book written for an older audience, would also be allowed to attend the courses.
What happens if I miss a class?
Just tell us, and we will update you on what was covered in class and what the homework was.
I could not attend the course - do I get a refund?
We have two insurance policies which cover unforeseen circumstances in life (just ask us for details).
You must subscribe to the insurance before the course starts. If you do, you will - depending on the policy - get a replacement course or your money back.