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FAQ about LOGO Language School: Your Frequently Asked Questions

Founded in 1994, LOGO Sprachenschule grew very quickly as a result of the high demand and recommendations of our students, and we have since expanded our premises several times. Finally in 2017, we arrived at our charming location in Prenzlauer Berg. Today, the school runs over 20 courses a day, as well as an increasing number of business courses on client premises.

Below, we have assembled some of the most frequently asked questions from our language students.

Maybe your specific question has already been answered! If not, just contact us via the form or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is your school accredited?

Yes! LOGO Language School is an accredited telc test center for European languages. Our school follows the internationally recognized European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which was developed by the Council of Europe to standardize language teaching and introduce quality criteria.

The school is accredited by the Ministry of Education for the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish.

How fast will I learn German?

To our knowledge, LOGO Sprachenschule offers the most intensive German courses in Berlin. With our super-intensive courses (4 lessons a day plus homework) you can complete the A1.1 level in two weeks. If you enroll in our evening or non-intensive morning courses, you can complete A1.1 in 10 weeks with 2 x 2 lessons per week.

Is there homework?

Yes! Homework is used to reinforce and practice the concepts learned in the course. For super-intensive courses, you should expect 2-4 hours of homework a day, while for non-intensive courses, it will be about 2-4 hours a week.

I already speak a little German. How do I know which level I am at?

Come by our office and take a free placement test! Or take the test online by simply clicking this link.

What happens if I have booked the wrong level?

If you’re not sure which level you are at, it is best to tell us in advance so we can do a placement test and make sure you get into the right course. Many people don’t know their exact level when they start – we’re happy to help!

If you are already in a course and find that it is too difficult for you, we can move you to another course that better matches your level. You may have to wait a little, however, if there is no course available at the time that meets your needs.

What is the highest level you offer for German?

In our morning super-intensive courses, we usually offer new A-level courses every two weeks, and B-levels a little less frequently.

In our evening courses, we offer all levels up to C1.2.

Are there any additional costs?

Books are not included in the course fee. For German, the books – course book plus workbook together – cost about 19 euros; for English, the price is about 28 euros.

There may be additional fees when paying by credit card.

Other than that, there are no extra costs. We have no enrollment fee or other hidden charges!

Can you do special courses on request?

We are very happy to organize a special group course, for example for your team, or for you and your friends! In addition, our individual courses can be structured very flexibly. Send us a request, and we will make you a non-binding offer!

Can I bring my very quiet child?
No, we’re sorry…but if you book a private course, the lessons can take place at your home!
From what age can I participate in the course?
It depends of course on the young person’s maturity and willingness to learn, but normally we would say from about 16 years on. Our courses are mainly aimed at adults who usually want to learn a foreign language for professional or academic reasons. However, very motivated younger people who do not mind working with a book designed for an older audience are also welcome to participate.
What happens if I miss a lesson or have to leave early?
Upon request, we are happy to send you an email with the material you missed plus any exercises or homework assignments.
I could not attend the course, so could I get my course fee back?
We offer two insurance policies as protection against unforeseen circumstances, please ask us for details. You must have taken out the insurance before the start of the course to be eligible for it. In that case, depending on the contract, you will be offered a substitute course or your money will be refunded.
Can I bring my laptop?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your laptop to class.
Can I record the lessons?
Audio recordings are allowed, but video recordings are not.
Can I bring my dog?
No, unfortunately dogs are not allowed in our school.
What happens if I leave something behind at school?
It will be taken for safekeeping and can be picked up at our office.
Can I transfer the language course to another person of my choice after I have completed the booking?
Generally this is not an option, but it is possible for a small administration fee.
Can I call the teachers by their first name and / or use the informal German “du”?
Yes, the atmosphere at our school is very easy-going and we like to use an informal form of address.
Am I allowed to eat and drink in class?
Drinking is allowed at all times, there are breaks for food if needed.
Are beverages available at school?
Yes, various types of tea are available free of charge, and coffee for 1 euro.
Can I see the school premises in person beforehand?
Yes, you are welcome to view the school rooms at any time during our opening hours (as long as there are no classes going on).