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One-to-One English Lessons in Berlin

A confident and competent command of English, the most widely spoken language in the world, will make it easier for you to travel and communicate in the global scientific and business world. LOGO Language School offers a variety of English courses at different levels tailored to your individual language goals and needs. If you want to learn English quickly and efficiently or improve your current English skills, private lessons are ideal for you. We also of course offer one-to-one lessons in Business English.

Our language courses are especially popular with companies for training their employees. Private English lessons help you to communicate better in the international business environment, and to appear more confident in English-speaking meetings and negotiations. We tailor the courses to meet the individual needs of each company and its employees.

Only 820 EUR

20 lessons

What Are the Advantages of Private English Lessons?

At our language school, native-speaking teachers will give you all the support you need to help you reach your language goals. Private English lessons offer important advantages over group lessons:
  • Flexibility: Your English teachers can adapt the individual lessons to meet your specific needs. You can also coordinate the time, duration and frequency of your English lessons with the teachers, which means that your lesson times fit perfectly into your schedule. In addition, you can also do the lessons as a hybrid or online course.
  • Individual course schedule: Your English teacher will create a very individual course plan based on your wishes, language goals and starting level. Do you want to obtain a language certificate, practice for an English-language job interview, or prepare for a professional assignment abroad? We will help you with all your plans!
  • Personal attention: You have your teacher’s full attention and you continuously get feedback. Your teacher will focus exclusively on you and your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to overcome your mistakes. The pace of the course is also adapted to your specific learning abilities. In private lessons, you have plenty of time to practice and are always actively involved. This way, you achieve faster and more sustainable progress in learning English.
  • No distractions: In private lessons, the teachers do not have to take into account the different levels of the students. There is no one to distract you or slow you down, so you can concentrate better than in group lessons.

Learn English at Our Renowned Berlin Language School

Investing in private lessons is worthwhile because the entire focus is on you. For those with more specific language goals, our individual English courses are perfect. They allow you to concentrate and intensively prepare for a language exam, job interview or business trip to an English-speaking country.

We look forward to supporting you in learning English in private lessons!

Online AND Offline

All courses are possible as
online or hybrid classes