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Learn Russian in Berlin

Welcome to our LOGO Russian courses! Learning Russian will give you access to Russian culture, Russian business, and Russian-speaking people all over the world, besides also being very useful in science and diplomacy.

Russian is spoken not only in Russia, but also in many of Russia’s neighboring countries. In Germany, too, there are about two million Russian native speakers. Having Russian language skills will help you connect with these people, whether you are learning for a specific reason or simply for your personal benefit. We will help you achieve your language goals with our courses and the expertise of our Russian teachers.

Prices for Russian courses

Scopeprivate lessons two-person lessonBusiness

20 lessons

private lessons:

920 EUR

two-person lesson:

480 EUR
per Person


960 EUR

Language Levels from Beginner to Advanced

Our Russian courses are designed for students at all levels. We offer courses for beginners at the A1 level, as well as courses for advanced students at the C1 level who require high-level conversation practice. Our native Russian teachers adapt to the requirements for each language level, and make the Russian lessons lively and varied.

In addition to group courses with a small number of participants, you can also learn Russian at our language school in private lessons or groups of two. These two course formats give you a high degree of flexibility in terms of both organization and content, enabling you to learn the Russian language at a faster and more efficient pace. In addition, you can do the lessons in a classroom setting or as an online or hybrid course. For companies and other institutions, we are happy to design individual Russian courses for employees.

Our experienced language teachers will support you as you master the complexities of the Russian language, guiding and accompanying you through all the levels from A1 to C2. We would be happy to advise you regarding the most suitable course for you. Just call us, send us an e-mail or fill in the form to register directly for a course. We look forward to welcoming you to our language school!

Online AND Offline

All courses are possible as
online or hybrid classes