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Private German Lessons in Berlin

If you are working in Germany, mastering the German language is more than just a bonus, it is usually a necessity. It is therefore extremely important for you to learn German as efficiently and quickly as possible. This will make your working life as well as dealing with colleagues and clients much easier. In addition, a good command of the German language will allow you to immerse yourself in German culture and society.

Learning German quickly and efficiently is possible at our renowned language school in Berlin. In private German lessons, you will receive intensive and individual German language instruction that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Only 820 EUR

20 lessons

Advantages of Private Lessons

Learning a foreign language requires perseverance and commitment.

When you come to Germany as an expat to work, you will certainly want to reach a good language level as quickly as possible. The faster you bring your German up to a good level, the more comfortable you will feel at work and in your private life. One-to-one German lessons would therefore be the best choice for you.

Some advantages are:

  • Private German lessons are perfectly tailored to your needs and goals. Your teacher is completely focused on you and your language development, taking your specific strengths and weaknesses into account.
  • In private lessons, your teacher can focus all their attention on you, so you will make faster progress in your German language acquisition. You will always receive immediate feedback regarding your language performance, so you can quickly make the necessary corrections and refine your German skills.
  • When you book a course of private German lessons, you have a high degree of flexibility regarding both scheduling and content. If you are a working person, you can choose dates for your German lessons which fit into your schedule. In addition, you decide whether you want to focus on German grammar, private or professional conversation, or other areas.
  • In private lessons, the pace of the course is adapted to your individual learning style and speed, and is independent of the language levels of other students.

Learn German with LOGO: Schedule and Planning

A course consists of 20 teaching units of 45 minutes each, and as each lesson consists of two teaching units, in total you get 10 private German lessons of 90 minutes each. The dates for the private lessons can be set flexibly in consultation with us. We know that working hours, business trips, meetings and holidays can limit your schedule, and so we adapt to your needs and help you learn German quickly and efficiently.

Our language school employs experienced and qualified German teachers who will competently assist you in reaching your learning goals. A German course is more than just about learning vocabulary and grammar. In your private lessons, your teacher will also help you improve your pronunciation, comprehension and communication skills. Book your private lessons now!

Online AND Offline

All courses are possible as
online or hybrid classes