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Business German Courses in the Heart of Berlin

So you are looking for success in the German business world? Then it is time to improve your Business German! This language course is different from the normal German courses in that it is designed for use in the German workplace. A Business German course is the key to professional success in Germany. Whether you are an expatriate, diplomat or scientific employee from abroad, we are your language school for Business German.

Only 960 EUR

20 lessons

Who is our Business German Course for?

Business German is a very specific language course. It helps you acquire the advanced German language skills which are necessary to communicate confidently and competently in the German-speaking business world. Business vocabulary and insights into German business culture are therefore also a part of this language course. By the end of the course, you will be able to use the German language in a professional environment with confidence, whether in business discussions, meetings, presentations or negotiations.

We often get bookings from companies for courses for their foreign employees. In addition to the regular courses, closed group courses for entire teams can also be created. So please contact us regarding your course requirements, and we will be happy to prepare a non-binding offer!

The Business German course is suitable for learners who already have a good knowledge of German, and would like to improve their German language skills in their everyday working life in Berlin. It is recommended that you already have a German language level of B1 or higher in order to participate in the course. This will ensure the best results in a Business German language course.

What makes LOGO different?

In our Business German courses, you will be immersed in the German business language and culture. Our native speaking German teachers have a lot of experience and will respond to your individual needs. At our language school, you will benefit from the direct feedback of our teachers as well as from the individually tailored language exercises. You will be sure to make progress from lesson to lesson!

At LOGO Language School, you have the opportunity to practice with other students and support each other. Often, a language course also results in students connecting on a professional basis, which could be useful for more than just language acquisition. A Business German course is a worthwhile investment to help you communicate confidently and successfully in the German business world.

German for Diplomats at our Berlin Language School

Our German courses in general and our Business German courses in particular are especially suitable for diplomats in Berlin. We have decades of experience teaching German to diplomats, and regularly run courses for the British Embassy in Berlin, for example.

Participants learn the specific vocabulary needed for diplomatic work, including political and business terminology. Of course, a German course for diplomats also teaches the important grammar rules and correct pronunciation.

Furthermore, as a diplomat verbal communication is particularly important, and a special focus in our courses is therefore placed on communication in meetings, negotiations and presentations. Other aspects of a German course for diplomats include a cultural understanding of the way of life in Germany, social customs and business practices.

Online AND Offline

All courses are possible as
online or hybrid classes