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Online Classes and Hybrid Courses: Learning a Language From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to review their services and provide them in an online form. LOGO Sprachenschule was one of them, because overnight, it became impossible to hold classes at our school. Shortly after the hygiene measures had been introduced, we thus decided to offer all our language courses online.

Even after the most intense part of the pandemic was over, we continued to offer online courses, as many students expressed a desire to continue to have that option. We have since developed a convenient hybrid course format that allows students to attend classes online as well as in person on different days.

How to best learn the foreign language you want? It’s your choice!

What is the Difference Between Online and Hybrid Courses?

With online courses, you learn a foreign language in the comfort of your own home, from your workplace, or even on the road. All you need is a PC or laptop with a webcam and, of course, Internet access. Depending on the device you are using, a separate microphone and speakers may also be necessary. The interaction with the other students along with the regular schedule of online lessons will keep you motivated and committed to achieving your language learning goals. A major advantage for students who spend a lot of time on the road: you don’t have to live in Berlin to take a course with LOGO!

Our hybrid courses combine the advantages of face-to-face and online lessons. You have the option of studying both in our language school and online, giving you maximum flexibility. You decide on the exact dates with your teacher, with your wishes always having top priority. A hybrid language course always includes some personal interaction with other students when you are in class at our school in Berlin. The flexibility in the choice of course format guarantees you optimal learning results.

Advantages of a Virtual Classroom

If you want to learn a foreign language without affecting your professional and personal life, you are often required to juggle a number of different obligations. Your professional and personal commitments could make it difficult or even impossible to attend a language class, making online and hybrid courses a great alternative to classroom lessons.

When you take online classes, you save time traveling to and from school. Saving travel time is particularly important if you live in a distant district of Berlin, or in a completely different area. You thus avoid wasting time on the road, and can use the time you save to work on the vocabulary and grammar of the foreign language you are learning.

With our hybrid and online courses, you still have fixed course schedules. At the agreed time, you log in with your access data, and your language teacher will be waiting for you live. Our hybrid and online courses are therefore very personal and individual, besides being of the highest quality. Our language teachers have the extensive teaching experience you need to help you learn a foreign language online.

The basic structure of the standard language course remains the same for hybrid and online classes. There is a well-structured lesson plan, you do a lot of exercises, and get regular feedback. If you don’t like the online or hybrid courses, our popular face-to-face courses are of course also always open to you! A change in the type of course can be arranged in consultation with us.

Learn a Language Online With LOGO

If you want to improve your language skills but require flexibility, now is the time to take an online language course! Online courses offer a productive learning environment that allows you to study from anywhere and create your own schedule.

Take this opportunity to improve your language skills from the comfort of your own home!