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Business English Courses in Berlin

As the most commonly-used business language in the world, a good understanding of English is essential for anyone who has to communicate professionally on an international level. In the business world, numerous specific phrases, verbs and vocabulary are used which cannot be covered by a basic knowledge of English. At LOGO Language School, you can improve and develop your business English skills through a variety of courses. The classes are taught by native English speakers with many years of experience.

Only 920 EUR

20 lessons

Business English Will Enrich Your Professional Life

With a Business English course you will improve your English communication skills in a professional environment. You will find it easier to give presentations, conduct negotiations, read complex business contracts, and communicate with your colleagues. You will gain confidence in your communication skills, enabling you to make phone calls and small talk in English.

During the course, you will acquire the professional and industry-specific vocabulary which is particularly important for success in your particular field. To achieve this, we also offer Business English courses tailored specifically for the various business sectors. A cultural understanding of norms and manners is also important in a professional context, and these aspects are therefore also a part of the Business English lessons. This cultural understanding will help you develop and maintain professional relationships with people on the international level.

Our courses are also ideal for preparing for exams to obtain special language certificates in Business English. If you need to learn how to apply for a job in English or rehearse a job interview, this is also possible in a Business English course at our language school.

Group Classes, Private and Two-to-One Lessons at LOGO

Our Business English lessons are available in a variety of formats. In private lessons, your English teacher will focus solely on your needs. The dates, frequency of the lessons, as well as the content are individually tailored to your specific needs and wishes, based on your existing English skills.

In addition, two-to-one lessons are also available, in which you are joined by a colleague or another student at your level. Together with your language partner, you can learn Business English in a motivated and relaxing way to meet your professional needs.

In group lessons, you get the chance to practice your English with other students at your level who are pursuing similar language goals. You will often come into contact with students from other countries and cultures, making the learning atmosphere particularly motivating and varied.

In order to take part in a Business English course, you should already have a B1 level of English, since a specification only makes sense if you possess sufficient language skills. Our language school offers you a supportive and motivating learning environment with native speaking teachers. They will take care of you personally and give you the feedback you need to improve. Please contact us and we can advise you on the courses we offer!

Tailor-Made Company Courses for Business English

We also offer special Business English courses for companies, government agencies and institutions. Intended for executives, diplomats, managers, expatriates and employees who need to communicate confidently in English at work, these courses are created on an individual basis according to the needs of the participants.

Business English courses can be held on our premises or at your company, and online / hybrid courses are of course also an option. By investing in English language training, employers can improve their employees’ communication skills as well as increase their international competitiveness.

Online AND Offline

All courses are possible as
online or hybrid classes