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German Evening Courses in Berlin

You are staying in Germany to work or study and want to improve your German language skills? Then our German evening courses are ideal for you! A German evening course is the perfect opportunity to integrate German language learning into your professional and private life. You will work with the German language for several months, and see your language skills developing from week to week. We would be happy to advise you regarding our German evening courses at our language school in Prenzlauer Berg, so please feel free to contact us for further information.

Only 440 EUR

40 lessons
in 10 weeks 

Mon | Wed: 17:45 – 19:15 h or 19:30 – 21:00 h
Tue | Thur: 17:45 – 19:15 Uhr oder 19:30 – 21:00 h

Advantages of German Courses at LOGO

For those who are in Germany for work, German language skills are indispensable, even in multinational companies. Despite the dominance of English, it is certainly a great advantage to be able to communicate in German for business purposes. Embassy employees too would communicate more convincingly with improved German skills. You can also benefit from an evening German course if you are a student and attend lectures during the day. Then you can use your evenings to improve your German, which will be very helpful in your studies.

But for private communication too, German language skills will help you get to know and understand the country and its people. With a knowledge of German, you will gain a much deeper understanding of German history, culture and customs. Ultimately, you will find it easier to integrate yourself into the German-speaking community, and thus benefit from your time in Germany to the maximum. Our German evening courses are therefore the right course format for you to expand and perfect your German language skills step by step.

German courses from A1 to C1 are the main focus of our Berlin language school. Our highly experienced German teachers will help you learn German efficiently and quickly at every level. We offer a wide range of course formats for learning German. Our German evening courses are created in such a way that you can attend them without having any effect on your normal working or study time. You can therefore work or study during the day, and learn German in the evening.

Schedule for Our German Evening Courses

We offer German evening courses at our language school for every level up to C1. With two lessons a week, each consisting of two teaching hours, you will make steady progress in your German skills, but you will not be under any stress or time pressure. You will have plenty of time from week to week to review what you have learned, practice it, and do your homework. You will soon notice that your language skills are improving. If you want to make even faster progress, other course formats may be better suited for you (for example an intensive course). It is best to ask us for personal advice.

Our German evening courses have a maximum of thirteen participants. This small class size guarantees that you have the chance to practice and communicate efficiently while receiving lots of feedback from our German teachers. In a German evening course, you will meet other like-minded people who are at the same language level as you, and as you will find that your language learning goals are quite similar, you can support each other especially well.

With a German evening course you don’t have to neglect your private and professional commitments, but can bring everything under one roof. You will receive the necessary support in a German evening course to perfect your German skills and reach your language learning goals. With better German skills, you will be able to communicate more clearly with friends, customers and colleagues. Register online now for our German evening course – we look forward to meeting you!

Online AND Offline

All courses are possible as
online or hybrid classes