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Learn English in Pairs in Berlin

At our language school you can learn English in various course formats. We have one-to-one, online and hybrid courses, while the evening and intensive English courses could also suit your needs. In addition to group and individual lessons, you can also take an English course for two. In this course format, you learn English with just one other person. That could be your partner or colleague, but if you do not have a language partner, we will find a suitable person for you.

Only 460 EUR per person

20 lessons

Advantages of a Duo Course With Only Two Participants

The two-person course has several advantages:

  • Flexibility: Just as with individual English lessons, there is a high degree of organizational flexibility in a two-person course. You and your learning partner can decide on the days and times of the lessons.
  • Individuality: The two-to-one course is tailored to meet the needs, requirements and goals of both participants. Our language teachers are guided by your learning speed and your ability. You do not have to work with predefined textbooks, and it is possible to adapt to the individual wishes and preferences of both you and your course partner.
  • Feedback: In a two-person class you will receive more feedback than in a group class. This makes it easier for you to overcome your mistakes and work more efficiently on your weaknesses. At the same time, if you are successful, you will also receive more praise, which will boost your confidence in using English.
  • Activities: Since you will be attending the course with just one other person, you will be constantly interacting with them. This requires you to concentrate and practice a lot, and the activities will help you in your learning. The overall intensity of practice is higher than in group classes, but the learning can be more fun as well as effective.
  • Great value for money: In a two-to-one English course, you will make faster progress and learn more in the same amount of time than in a group course, and so the higher price of two-to-one lessons is relative. Two-to-one classes are less expensive than one-to-one classes because the costs are split between both students. Two-to-one classes are ideal for students who want the personal attention of their teacher without having to pay the higher price required for private lessons.

Book English Lessons for Two at LOGO

It is important for a two-person course that both participants have a comparable language level as a starting point. However, there are no long waiting times for two-to-one English lessons, and a new team is always formed quickly. Two-person classes can also be offered as an online or hybrid course.

Of course, we also offer two-to-one English courses for companies, government authorities and institutions. In this case, the course will be adapted very specifically to the tasks and requirements of the respective employees in their daily work.

A two-person group for learning English is the perfect choice for many learners. You benefit from the second person and work closely with them to reach your language learning goals together. Contact us for a more detailed consultation regarding the benefits of two-person English classes, or request your course directly online using our sign up form!

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